New Horizons music of central ohio



  • Fall Session I:
    Strings- Thursday Aug. 8 - Thursday, Sept. 29

    Band- Tuesday, Aug. 6 - Tuesday, Sept. 27

  • Fall Session II:
    Strings- Thursday, Oct. 13 - Thursday, Dec. 8

    Band- Tuesday, Oct. 11 - Tuesday, Dec. 6

  • Winter Session:
    Strings- Thursday, Jan. 5 - Thursday, Feb. 23

    Band- Tuesday, Jan. 3 - Tuesday, Feb 21

  • Spring Session:
    Strings- Thursday, Mar. 9 - Thursday, Apr. 27

    Band- Tuesday, Mar. 7 - Tuesday, Apr. 25

  • Summer Session:


Columbus Music Workshop
787 S State St, Suite A
Westerville, OH 43081
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Call: 614-523-2561


I began my musical journey only 2 ½ years ago, having never played an instrument or any music training previously and I am well into my upper years.

Of course I went about this the same as I did my photography, flying instruction and golf, full bore ahead.

I first read about every book on music theory that I could get my hands on both here in Ohio and in Florida. Purchased a Yamaha Synthesizer (MO8 Keyboard) on eBay and watched YouTube and videos. The keyboard has helped me understand music theory.

I love the OSU Buckeyes and the band fight songs, so I thought well, how hard can that be to play…I soon found out. I purchased a used Yamaha trumpet from Music – Go- Around for $300 or so in like new condition. They had a listing of music instructors in their store and began my basic music lesson with Steve Titus a local musician for about a year and a half before I got the nerve to contact Wes Miller and the Columbus New Horizons Band.

About a year or so earlier, I picked up a flyer about the New Horizon Band and it sat on my shelf for a long time before I gave Wes Miller a call. It was the best thing I could have done. Both Wes and Jane are wonderful, talented and very easy to work with.

I also play with the New Horizon Band in Naples during the winter and found a group of some 45 – 50 members in this band headed by Dr. Ken Carper and his wife Carol. This is a really fun partying group. They play a lot of music that I like, patriotic songs, medleys as well as show tunes and even some original arrangements from this well experienced group of musicians and retired professionals. The band performs for numerous retirement centers and outdoor venues nearly every week.

Currently, I am working on my sight reading and my ability to play fast enough to keep up with the band. I am okay when I slow things down and I have tried to speed up but it just doesn’t seem to help. I am now practicing an hour plus a day until my chops gives out.

Tom (Gahanna), Trumpet


I had piano lessons all through school starting at age 6 and still derive a great deal of pleasure from playing. I played violin in the high school orchestra and enjoyed that, but after graduation did not have much interest in continuing nor opportunity to play.

For years I had a dream of playing the cello--I love its rich, melancholy sound--but as my career and other interests (including choir) absorbed my time for decades, I had pretty much put that on the shelf. Then I saw a news story about New Horizons and how seniors could start as beginners in a non-judgmental environment, and I thought, "I'm gonna DO it!" I've been playing about two years now, and the initial classes where we learned the notes and basics of music have given way to pleasurable string ensemble sessions once a week. I'm so glad I decided to do this!

Karen (Upper Arlington), Cello


I used to play flute, last time was about 1969. And then I have ALWAYS enjoyed string music and had a violin that my stepdaughter had abandoned. To give me musical exercise I took up the flute again with the help of Wes Miller, at the New Horizons class, and then mustered up my courage to learn the violin with the great help and patience of Jane Watson, at the New Horizons class on Thursdays.

I really, really enjoy learning the violin. I think I have a good imagination because in my mind I ‘hear’ this great music when in reality I do know that I screak and squeal as I begin the process of learning what this violin is all about but it really has me hooked, as my husband will attest! In my early sixties, I am not at all concerned about how my peers may judge my abilities, and that has given me a great freedom to try and accomplish new things, for which I thank those involved at New Horizons Music, there in Westerville, Oh.

Rebecca (Delaware), Flute & Violin


I learned to play the cello when I was younger, and I loved it. It was definitely one of the high points of my school years. I continued to play for a few years past graduation but eventually stopped playing as my career took more of my time and focus.

Quite by accident I came upon the New Horizons website. It sounded like the perfect opportunity to begin playing again, but I was a little nervous. It had been more than 30 years since I'd played regularly! Everyone put me right at ease and made me feel so welcome and appreciated. Now, I am playing and making music again, and it's such a great feeling. I am so glad I found this group!

Shelly (Westerville), Cello